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With Our Premier Valet Service you can…

  •     Schedule a convenient  Free Pick-up/Delivery, setting the time and location anywhere within the Capital Region.
  •     Receive Elite Spa Service right to your doorstep or place of business.
  •     Use our VIP Express Laundry Bags to protect your belongings.
  •     Receive Dry Cleaning/ Laundry Garment Lists to include with your orders, noting any special instructions, stains, alterations, or    repairs.
  •     Become a VIP Spa Client, keeping your preferences and information on file for ongoing service.


To learn more or schedule a pick up by phone, call us at  (518) 935-0525 or use the form below to schedule online.

Stains or Special Instructions:
If you have a stain or any special instructions, simply make a note on the dry cleaning and laundry list and include is with your order.

Alterations or Repairs:
Make a note describing the item of clothing and the alterations or repairs needed on the dry cleaning and laundry list and include it with your order.

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Dry Cleaner Saratoga Springs, New York


Dry Cleaners Saratoga Spring, New York